9 golden rules to enjoy your wedding day

Your wedding day is a big deal that undoubtedly will cause you a lot of stress, which might keep you from enjoying the festivities. These tips will help you relax and create memories that will last a lifetime.

1. A good night’s sleep

Although you’ll be very nervous the day before your wedding, you do have to try to get a good night’s sleep so you can start the day with a fresh face. Go to bed on time, even if you can’t sleep. At least you’ll be comfortable which will make you fall asleep easier. Bachelor(-ette) parties are an absolute no go on the the day before the wedding; make sure you have yours at least a week before!

2. Breakfast

Even though you probably won’t feel very hungry, try not to skip breakfast! You have a long day ahead and you don’t wan’t to feel weak when you’re saying your “I do’s”. Try to keep it light: toast, scrambled eggs, fruit, smoothies, …

3. Take your time to prepare

Make sure you have plenty of time to prepare. It’s better to have some extra time, than having to rush getting ready. Enjoy these moments by chatting with your bridesmaids, think of it as girlie time. Don’t forget to take some funny selfies!

4. Shoes

Make sure to break your wedding shoes in advance, this way they won’t hurt as much when you wear them all day. Don’t forget to take along a comfortable pair (read: flats!) to switch into before you hit the dance floor.

5. Prepare your thank you speech with your future spouse

Some people can give amazing speeches on the spot, but if this is not one of your or your hubby’s talents, it might be helpful to prepare something. Don’t forget to thank the most important people in your life!

6. Be careful with alcohol

A drunk bride (or groom) is far from classy and if you want to enjoy and remember your wedding day to the fullest, you might want to take it easy on the champagne.

7. Prepare a survival kit

Accidents do happen, so it might come in handy to get a bridal survival kit ready! It should contain things like painkillers, a sewing kit, band-aids, a bottle of water, extra make-up, … Anything that can help you during an emergency.

8. Focus on the moment…

…not on the details! If you have to focus on the little things on the day itself, it’s too late! Try to let it go and remember why you’re there and what this day is all about!

9. Hire a wedding planner/coordinator

This is the perfect way to go if you want a stress free wedding! This is the person who takes care of every little detail so that you can enjoy your wedding day from start to finish!




Kasteel van Brasschaat facelift

Over the years, the beautiful Kasteel van Brasschaat has been a great venue for celebrating all the important moments in a person’s life: weddings, baby showers, anniversaries and so on. J&M Catering, the new proprietor of the castle, is preparing the much respected building for a new chapter by investing in a new, fresh look. Come inside and take a sneak peek at what this classy location will look like in the near future:

The future is bright…

The beautiful Kasteel van Brasschaat is ready for its new look! Come inside and take a sneak peek at what it will look like in the very near future: #weddingvenue #fairytale www.kasteelvanbrasschaat.be

Geplaatst door BC Wedding Designs op zondag 15 januari 2017

The castle will remain open for business during this process which is great news for anyone who wants to plan their festivities in a unique setting. Go and check it out!










Villa Asmara: where romance and luxury meet…

Planning on getting married in Bali?

Planning on keeping it intimate and inviting only the people who are closest to you?

Meet the perfect retreat for a small wedding on 1 of the most beautiful islands in the world:
Bali Beach Villa Asmara

The villa is located in Lovina, in the north of Bali, and it’s surrounded by rice paddies and endless beaches.
The main building houses up to 8 people and there’s a secluded annex in the garden which is perfect for the bride and groom.

10690325_952824351447719_5357578443599304833_n           11933378_952880231442131_7753893492078038534_n

The excellent staff can make all your wishes come true and the villa has all it requires for you to enjoy a luxurious, private and relaxing weddingmoon.
Lush tropical gardens, a gorgeous infinty pool, a pool table, free internet, … Shall I go on?
And I didn’t even mention all the things yet that you can do in the surrounding area: massage, yoga, cooking classes, diving and my favourite: dolphin watching!

11052011_952880984775389_3844343195624780796_n           11058637_952880938108727_7342760341931175317_n

The right wedding planner (I know a really good one ;-)) can turn this magnificent place into the most romantic venue for your big day.
I mean, what could possibly go wrong with a name like ‘Asmara’ which means ‘love and romance’ in Indonesian?


Not convinced, visit their FB page and/or website www.balibeachvilla.com for more information.





The perfect keep-sake: personalize your Jimmy Choo wedding shoes!

A wedding gown is by far the most important attire a woman will wear during her lifetime (admit it ladies; we’ve all been dreaming about that special white, perfect dress ever since we were little girls!) and it’s no surprise that many brides, after their big day, keep it in a special place for the rest of their lives.

Over the years wedding shoes have become more important than just being an addition to complete the outfit. Top designers create gorgeous collections and offer couture detailing so your shoes get that personal touch to commemorate your special day.

At Jimmy Choo a Made-to-Order menu gives you the chance to customize your wedding day footwear in terms of colour, fabric and texture.

What makes it extra special is that you can decorate the sole of each shoe in a classy, subtle way with monogram brass initials or a date plaque. The perfect keep-sake if you ask me!                                               

BRIDAL-MTO-DATE-PLAQUE                         mto

Take a look at some of my favourite JC bridal shoes from the current collection:

Jimmy-Choo-Bridal-Viola-Shoes   jimmy-choo-spring-2016-bridal-shoes-10  Troy_Grover.

 “Jimmy Choo focuses on the fairytale behind glamorous shoes, where women should be able to have custom, personal experiences with one of their most desired accessories”   – Dalia Strum 

I’m a fan!






Welcome to a small piece of paradise!

In my first ever blog post I would like to introduce Boardwalk Small Hotel Aruba which is a hidden gem on the island of, what’s in a name, Aruba.



It’s here that my husband and I said our I do’s; it’s here that we stayed with our family and friends during that celebratory week.




We found this place about a decade ago and it instantly stole our hearts.

It’s a small boutique hotel, they currently have 14 casitas, set amid an old coconut plantation just minutes away from the beach, shops, bars and restaurants.

Stephanie and Kimberly, the Belgian twin sisters who run the place together with Lola, make you feel right at home because of the personal service they provide for each guest.



Stephanie and Kimberly even helped us out with our wedding beach signs. Lola, their dog, is the hotel mascot.     

The intimate relaxing atmosphere makes this the perfect hideaway for anyone who enjoys a bit of privacy and who prefers small, secluded romantic retreats over the always present colossal resorts.


                                                        The pool and jacuzzi set amid the lush garden

The casitas (small houses) are very colourful which gives you an instant Caribbean feel.

They all have their own bbq and hammock and are fully air conditioned.

Our favourites are casitas #6 and #23, we’ve stayed here so much that they feel like our home away from home





The girls have plans to increase the number of casitas as business is booming, but they intend to keep the authenticity and the cosiness which make the Boardwalk unique and full of character.

Just check out their website and go the ‘press and awards page’ and you’ll see what I’m talking about!!

I’m going to let www.boardwalkaruba.com do the rest and I hope we get to meet someday in this little piece of heaven, hidden away on a fantastic island!